You are beautiful

Lately I have been contemplating skin care. Mostly because I have problems with mine. I have had issues for years with cystic acne (you know, the kind that shows up in the weirdest place – for me my jaw line and neck – and never really surfaces. So It’s just super painful. All the time. Until it goes away, which by the way takes 2-3 months!) and I figured out that it was most likely caffeine causing it. I was wrong, it’s not caffeine (thank goodness cause I quit caffeine for a while and it was really hampering my productivity) and I’m still not really sure what it is. I have been using oil-free foaming cleanser for my skin, which helps. Until you get used to it. And then my face starts freaking out… and I am back to square one where i have to find a new cleanser that works well without making my skin dry or patchy. On top of that, I still have them surprise me (keep in mind I love surprises, but NOT that kind) and I have been using benzoyl peroxide cream to get rid of them. It works awesome, except for the fact that I have sensitive skin, so if I have to do more than one application I end up with a really dry patch of skin that gets irritated and red. Cute, right? Heck yeah, that’s super sexy.

This whole chain of events has lead me to a very frustrated state, and of course I did some Pinterest Therapy where I go on and compile more ideas of things to try. I’m leaning toward the natural route, because the odds are I have washed my face with about every product on the market at this point. And no, I am not kidding. Most of the things I have pinned are weird, and kinda fruity (literally, cause I rubbed a banana peel all over my face about 10 minutes ago). But I plan to try each of them, and see how they work. This quest to find a thorough cleanser, but one that doesn’t tear my poor face to bits, is how I cam upon Crunchy Betty‘s Blog. I pinned a thing on Pinterest for washing your face with honey, and it came from her. I did it last night, and I think I will continue to do so cause my face was really soft this morning, and that is never something I will complain about. As I was reading through I found some more things I want to try, and of course pinned them.

As I was reading through the wealth of information (and seriously a bazillion ideas for stuff!) and I stumbled on this post. I couldn’t agree more, I hate all the advertising for face creams and miracle pills to keep you looking young. It has to come from within, and what you put into your body will show one way or the other (be that in the form of bad/ugly skin, teeth, hair, weight, etc.) and I always return to the whole idea of who really cares anyway?! I have honestly never looked at someone and thought “wow you look disgusting”. In fact, it has been quite the opposite. Let me share an experience I had, it was several years ago when my daughter was just a baby. I had this friend that I had known in High School, but never befriended for some strange reason. She is one of those super stylish, classic, elegant, genuine people. You know the kind. Anyway, we were sitting at her house while our then babies were playing and having a conversation. I remember while she was talking I was actively engaged in the conversation and it hit me. She is a breathtakingly beautiful woman. Like, flat-out gorgeous. She could be a super model. I lost complete track of the conversation cause I was just staring at her, not like in a creepy serial killer kind of way, but an astonished cause I never noticed it before kind of way. I felt ridiculous, and I didn’t want her to be freaked out, but I was so surprised I hadn’t ever noticed! That just feeds my feelings behind a lot of beauty products. What is our obsession with being miserable. Honestly, none of that stuff really matters does it? Really? Having those products in your house won’t stop you from wrinkling, aging, or changing. In fact, worrying about it will only make those things worse.

Anyway, I got a little off topic there. When I read that post I read this quote at the end. It literally made me cry. I tried to hold it back, cause I felt ridiculous sitting at the table with my jammies on at 6AM crying. But I couldn’t stop it. And I felt the need to share it. This woman has amazing wisdom, and I hope to one day reach a point of self-love that I can genuinely feel this way.

“The truth is, I’m beautiful. Right now. And I know it. Because I know it, you know it too. Everyone around knows it! And that’s the secret. Know what you’re worth, and you’ll never need to change a thing about yourself. Ever. Not even when you’re 85.”

I will end this post on the particular note. Some food for thought, while I go wash this banana peel stuff off my face. 🙂


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