Slowly, but surely

I have often blogged away about my struggle with weight and getting rid of the excess. You can see the posts under this category on this blog. There are more that I didn’t tag I’m sure, but those are some. The long and short of it is that I have struggled with my weight for years. YEARS. Like a lot of years, cause I’m 27 and I have had issues with it since I was about 12. The math is that it’s been 15 years. That’s a good portion of my life, spent worry about something so silly. Well, it’s not something so silly to me. Some days I am resigned to learn to love myself the way I am. Other days… not so much. The things I say to myself are things that I would punch someone else for saying. I haven’t really ever told anyone (anyone) my weight. So what I am about to share is something that I have kind of kept Top Secret from everyone (including, on occasion, my own husband). I have been over the 200 pound mark for about four and a half several years. I have gone to battle with that stupid mark over and over again. Mind you, I am 5′ 5″ and have a small-ish frame. So 200+ pounds doesn’t “distribute” very well. I got under that mark once, a few years ago, only to get on a new medication that made me gain back the weight I had lost to get there times two!

I have been on myfitnesspal for about 2 months. It took me a long time to decide to go for it again (that’s how I got under the 200 pound mark before), but my hubs was having phenomenal success with it, so I went for it. Thank goodness for android apps! I track my food and water intake daily. though I slip up sometimes and don’t track stuff (usually cause i know I have eaten something that threw me WAY over my goal for the day). My husband has said I have been a nazi about it, which makes me giggle. I try to be relaxed about it, but I’m so serious about wanting to get rid of the weight forever. Not just lose it and find it again. Along with that i have been tracking my weight, I try to do it weekly, but I don’t always get it exact. So yesterday, I get on the scale cause I think “Oh, I guess I better do that. It’s been a while”. This is what I found.


I seriously wanted to cry. Not because the number was below the 200 mark. No. But because the week before it had also been under the 200 mark. I have been under that mark for almost 2 weeks. I have never felt more proud. Say what you will about my weight, but it’s going. Slowly, but it’s going for good.


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